Theory And Operational Crew Training

We have a worldwide presence and hold courses at local sites to ensure minimal interruption with your activities, on rigs and ports, across the world – administrated by our local offices.
Norsafe Academy was established as a result of:
• Lack of proficiency or incorrect procedure how to operate the LSA Equipment.
• To improve safest and operational skill for crew and operator.
• Reduce high cost resulting from port detention or wrong/inadequate maintenance by the crew.
Our objective is to give participants a high level of operating competence and participants will learn how to perform accurate service and be able to recognize systems failure. We offer a variety of courses depending on the needs of your crew, at our facilities or your preferred location:
• Weekly and monthly maintenance course .
• Coxswain course for conventional and Free Fall lifeboats.
• Mob boat training.
• Operational courses for Mob and Free Fall lifeboats.
• Free Fall drop test.

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