Technical Support

Technical Studies and GAP Analysis for Life Saving Equipment
Norsafe has extensive experience conducting studies and GAP analyses on LSA equipment and regulations such as SOLAS, DNV-OS-406, Norskok R002 and NMD 853, especially for corporations operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and offshore in general. All our studies are individually tailored for customer and product.
The main objective behind a GAP study is to identify misalignment between onboard lifeboat equipment and current, upcoming and local regulations. Norsafe performs a comprehensive analysis that enables the operator to make informative decisions regarding their future Life Saving Equipment needs in light of regulations the operator is or will be subjected to. Norsafe will document through thorough academic studies the gaps between regulations and equipment and advice on concrete compensating actions that can be taken in order to meet new regulations, with safest and cost in mind. Not to mention ensuring that the installation is not forced to shut down operations

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