Rental Of Testing Equipment And Rescue Boat

Simulated Free Fall test kit
The simulated free fall solution is an independent system that latches on to the boat and secures it thorough 4 metal plates. This allows for testing of the release mechanism without actually performing a free fall drop. The simulated free fall system complies with current regulation (SOLAS; part B, regulation 19 – “Emergency training and drills”) which states that free fall systems must be tested and released regularly. In short, this means that the operator does not have to spend time and resources getting the lifeboat back into the davit, nor make extensive preparations as associated with standard lifeboat testing.


Special equipment to prove the over load release test of release mechanism for free fall lifeboats.
As required by SOLAS every 5-year inspection. The equipment will eliminate the requirement to fill the lifeboat with test loads


Hydraulic equipment to test overload Hook Simulations release kit
As required by SOLAS every 5 year inspection or after re-hooking


Water pillow bag
For load test of lifeboat as required by SOLAS chapter III, regulation 20.
The kits is compete packed in a box with lifting arrangement, flow meter, filling hoses and drain pump

Water bag
For load test of lifeboat davit as required by SOLAS chapter III, regulation 20.
Water bags come complete with calibrated load cells all packed in box with lifting equipment


Rental of Rescue boat
FRC boat complete with cradle ready for rental
Sales of used, refurbished boats


Weight test of Rescue boat
To ensure there is no water penetration causing the boat to exceed the certified weight


Steyr Diesel engine diagnostic tool
This will allow full parameter monitoring as well the engine loading history can be recorded

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