Fleet Service Agreement (FSA)

FSA is a firm agreement between a ship/rig operator and Norsafe, for regular service, mandatory inspections, training and spares. Operational readiness taken care of, in a pro-active way.
In July 2006 revised SOLAS guidelines were put in place with new requirements for inspections, general maintenance and training of personnel. In the revised version of SOLAS it is clearly stated that service, repair and inspections “should be conducted by the manufacturer’s representative or a person appropriately trained and certified by the manufacturer for the work to be done.” As the original equipment manufacturer with over a hundred years of experience, we know exactly how important competent service is on our equipment. We encourage our customers to contact Norsafe if they are ever in doubt of the competence or certification of service engineers. When the annual or five-year service has been completed a certificate of serviceability is issued for all LSA equipment. Annual inspections are conducted in accordance with the requirements stated in MSC 1206.
Why choose a Fleet Service Agreement?
Norsafe realizes that LSA maintenance is situated outside the scope of daily operations for our customers. In order to capitalize on cost efficient synergies and ensure a smooth service process Norsafe proactively follows up your fleet, notifying and scheduling service.
• Operate and be in compliance with current rules and regulations.
• Avoid casualties and incidents.
• Avoid Non conformities and ADHOC situations.
• Predictable maintenance costs – Short & long term.
• Availability for service and quick mobilisation.
• Availability for spares and quick response.
• Track record and access to documentation for servicing.
• Single point contact, for any AS&S activity.
• Crew to be familiar with the system.
• Assurance for operative LSA systems.
For more information please contact Norsafe Australia
Preventive Maintenance training
As a part of the FSA (fleet service) program Norsafe offers Preventive Maintenance training. The course will give operator and crew training in weekly and monthly maintenance to secure the readiness of the equipment.

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