Delivery Of New Equipment

Norsafe has a lifetime service philosphy, and we aim to serve our clients in a professional way, throughout the entire lifetime of the LSA Equipment.
Life boats and davits are usually subjected to extreme weather conditions, such as corrosion from salt water and extreme temperature changes. Therefore, maintenance is crucial to ensure 100% operational capacity in case of an emergency. Norsafe provides annual and 5 year service inspections conducted by our highly qualified and certified service engineers in accordance with SOLAS requirements.
This includes
• Delivery of new equipment.
• Commisioning and startup of the LSA systems.
• Operational Training.
• Preventive maintenance training.
• Technical support.
• Regular and intermediate inspections.
• Spare parts.
• Mandatory annual and 5 yearly inspections.
• Return and destruction of old lifeboats.
Lack of maintenance is not only a threat to safety but it is also costly in the long run. Typical examples of incurred costs are port detention and platform production stop. In many cases entire LSA systems have to be replaced due to their condition and this is both expensive and time consuming. There is no misalignment between maintenance and cost control. Our objectives are clear; to deliver excellent service that ensures a long lifespan & fully-operational LSA equipment.

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